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Nov 11th

According To His Agreement With The Spanish Crown

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In 1969, Spain returned to Morocco under international pressure from Sidi Ifni. Spanish control of the Spanish Sahara lasted until the Green March of 1975 and led to a withdrawal under pressure from the Moroccan army. The future of this former Spanish colony remains uncertain. Spain attracted innovative foreign painters such as El Greco, a Greek who had studied with Italian Renaissance champions such as Titian and Michelangelo before moving to Toledo. The original Spaniards have created equally enduring works. Las Meninas (Women of Honour), painted in 1656 by Diego Velzquez, is one of the most famous paintings in history. He painted himself in this imposing royal portrait (seen with a brush and easel on the left) and courageously placed the viewer where the king and queen would be in the scene. According to legend, Santiago (Saint-Jacques) converted Spain to Christianity and, after his death, his remains were transferred to Santiago de Compostela. A later addition of the legend Santiago has riding a white horse and carries a white banner that appears in a bright cloud above the Christian troops fighting Muslim troops.

The idea of Santiago, which symbolizes Christian triumph over non-Christians, was part of the mental world that the conquistadors brought to America. Columnists report that Santiago has been invoked several times in fights against indigenous peoples. This image shows such a scene. Tordesillas` contract was to resolve the dispute that broke out after the return of Christopher Columbus and his crew, who had sailed under castile`s crown. On his way back to Spain, he first stopped in Lisbon, where he requested a new meeting with King John II to prove to him that there were other islands southwest of the Canary Islands. Cortés was also supported by a Nahua woman named Malintzin (aka La Malinche or Doa Marina, her Spanish name) who paid tribute to the natives of Tabasco. Malintzin translated cortés into the treatment of moctezuma and, voluntarily or under pressure, established a physical relationship with him. His son, Martin, may have been the first mestizo (a person of mixed, American and European native origin). Malintzine remains a controversial figure in the history of the Atlantic world; Some consider her a traitor because she helped Cortés conquer the Aztecs, while others see her as a victim of European expansion. In both cases, it shows a way in which the natives reacted to the arrival of the Spaniards. Without it, Cortés would not have been able to communicate, and without the bridge, he would certainly have been less successful in destabilizing the Aztec empire. By this means and others, the Amerindians contributed to the conquest of America.

Although Portugal opened the door to exploring the Atlantic world, Spanish explorers quickly visited America.

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