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Agreement Expert Comptable Cemac

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Applicants who wish to contact certain accountants approved by CEMAC after receiving the vae diploma are invited to approach our administration. To say that an audit diploma is obtained at Maaron Formation is not technically correct. Our technical services are content to establish the application file according to the IAP/IFA missions with which we collaborate, and it is recommended to give a reasoned opinion on the merits of the candidate. The procedure then leads to the issuance of your diploma by one of our partners (all of whom are accountants who are founding members of IFAC). Several graduates (who have graduated as accountants from LA VAE) have so far been certified as chartered accountants by CEMAC, the most famous graduate of the Order being recognized as President of the Order in his home country. That`s the truth. Any contrary opinion is pure manipulation, probably for unexplained interests. Under the law, your audit and audit and audit diploma can be recognized as such in the country of which it is a member. It seems that, in the past, some ceMAC applications for authorisation have experienced inexplicable delays in the transfer of diplomas to CEMAC, but in any event, the Minister of Finance, who oversees national accounting authorities, has always been able to examine the strict application of the law. In the state, we believe that the situation has returned to normal. Applicants who wish to contact CEMAC-approved auditors, whose diploma has been obtained with our support, are invited to approach our centres in Douala and Yaounde. As evidence, diplomas issued by foreign IFAC member organizations are recognized as equivalent to full-fledgere accounting degrees, which may give their holders the right to be certified by CEMAC for the free exercise of the profession. «As an illustration, several graduates who have acquired their rights as members of IAP/IFA accounting contracts through the United Arab Emirates have obtained the approval of certified accountants from the CEMAC Commission.

Simple translation: the CEMAC Commission «recognizes them as equivalents of audit diplomas within the meaning of its organic law» It should be noted that, on 10 September 2014, MAARON TRAINING sent by letter to the College of Accountants of Cameroon its intention to accompany qualified professionals and students in obtaining degrees in accounting by valuing the experience of experience (VAE).

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