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Dic 12th

Disagreements On Parenting

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If you and your partner can agree on 3-4 words, which you hope they describe your children as adults, you can look at parenthood with a clear-sighted lens. In parenting circles, you often hear someone say, «I`ve been beaten all the time, but I`ve been ok.» But the truth is that we cannot allow the experience of one person to justify beating up ALL children who come from a variety of different contexts and have different predispositions. Or when several scientific studies tell us that it has a negative impact on children. Start by identifying aspects of education and discipline in which you agree. You will be more successful in identifying the areas you agree on, instead of focusing your energy on the many areas in which you disagree. With a little self-reflection from you and your partner, you are on track to discover the surface of your deeply rooted educational convictions. Unfortunately, parental disputes can completely undermine the good feelings and affection of spouses towards each other. You say you know how harmful it is to your daughters, and I agree. The priority #1 is to get on the same page as your husband.

My positive parent class is a great forum for that. Not only am I helping you get on the same page by giving you a wide choice of parenting choices, but I will help both of them find the best way to do that if you work against each other. Shahid and Mira are not the only ones who have crossed this Dilemna; most of you would have found this situation quite relatable. It is rare to find a couple who follows exactly the same style of education, where both are relaxed and relaxed, or who are both too strict and controlling. And because of this difference, it is possible that differences of opinion are quite common when it comes to certain things or values. And you understand that every time you argue with your spouse about parenting, the focus is on where they should be — your child`s behaviour. Therefore, focus on your child every time your child is present. And resolve disagreements with your spouse in private. What parts of your childhood influence how you feel about your partner`s education techniques? Support your spouse in her absence: Michele Weiner-Davis, best-selling author and marital therapist, tells a story about undermining her husband`s educational sovereignty by disciplining and educating her children on the phone when her father was with them, and she didn`t believe he was doing what she thought was right. She learned that it was not healthy for her children, her father or her marriage.

She realized that it was healthier for her to really trust and leave parenthood to her husband when she was not in town and to support her decisions. When she came to this conclusion, the time a child called her to educate her, when Dad was at home, she let them know that she supported all the decisions Dad chose. There is nothing worse than two parents fighting over their children`s education issues. You give your child a clear message that no one is in control. The end result will be the children who will play you and your partner against each other – and it`s a disaster for the children and for your relationship.

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