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Why Does Microsoft End User License Agreement Keeps Appearing

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If «Run as an Administrator» doesn`t show up, if you click the right mouse button on the shortcut, use the Start menu or home screen search area to find Outlook.exe. If you hold the Ctrl-Maj button down while you click the right mouse button on the Outlook link you use to open it, the Run as an Administrator link must also be enabled. Every time I open Outlook 2013 (paid $149.00) a box appears in which she asks to accept the deal. I`m tired and two hours on the phone with so-called a Microsoft expert didn`t help them «don`t know why»! Connect to the computer with an administrator`s user account. Can you post a screenshot? This doesn`t look like everything you do in If you`re a Vista user facing the same problem, the same fix should go around. Connect to the computer with a user account with the administrator`s login information. Sign in with the admin account and launch Outlook. Accept the CLUE, close Outlook and disconnect the administrator. If you now log in with your normal user account, the CLA should no longer be displayed. But! the next time I open the programs, I always get this annoying screen come and ask me to accept or refuse. I know I registered correctly, so why is this still happening and how can I stop it?? This is caused by Windows security and permissions. Your Windows user account does not have the necessary permissions to write activation in registration. This behavior occurs when your user account does not have permission to change the Microsoft Windows record.

I tried your proposal and found out that I didn`t have an Bureau11 folder. I have an «Office12» folder that does not give me the options you mentioned. Do you have any other suggestions? Thank you very much. Method 1: Click the right mouse button on Outlook.exe and select Run as an administrator. Accept EULA. If this doesn`t help, use Method 2. An update for my last comment: I have two «Program Files» folders. The other is `program files (x86) `. The second folder is where I found Office11. I had to explore a little bit, and your proposal worked. Thank you very much. Is it to replace Hotmail? Unfortunately, Microsoft has decided to replace the Hotmail interface with

I am sorry. This behavior occurs for any desktop program you run. Much better and easier steps than Microsoft`s website. I could find out and let it happen. Thank you very much. It drove me crazy. Note for Windows Vista Click Start, click All Programs, click Microsoft Office, click the right button on an office program, click Run as an Administrator, and then click Next. . Repeat steps 2 to 4, then delete the full access permission you gave users (users Computer_name) in Step 5. To do this, search for the user (user Computer_name), then click to disable the checkbox for full access permission. Try this.

Click with the right mouse button on any Office menu item. Select «Run as an Administrator.» Accept EULA. Close the office and launch it normally. To health! I`ve been bugged for ages, and now I`ve corrected it. Thank you very much for your publication. Thank you very much! Simple but huge time saving and frustration relief 5. Repeat the process for all other offensive office programs. Today I used your hose, and in less than a minute, everything was perfect. Thank you very much. If you use Microsoft Windows XP, click Start, click Run, enter regedit, then click OK. You must accept the Office-End license agreement every time you launch an Office (MSKB) program. .

Thank you! I really appreciate this correction that also works in Win7 with Office 2003 Small Business Edition.

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