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Dic 12th

Bell Premium Plus Plan – 2 Year Agreement

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Get wireless access for your smartwatch. Available for divisible and non-divisible plans. Monitor driving activity, receive performance warnings and connect up to five devices with a hotspot in the vehicle. Add Bell Connected Car to your divisible plan and use your shared data to use these features. Currently October 2, 2018. Available in ON, AB, BC, NB, NL, NS, PEI for qualified companies. Services available with compatible devices, within the network coverage areas available by Bell and in its partner network coverage areas where technology allows; see services subject to acceptable usage restrictions, including the consumption of excessive network capacity or disruption to our network. See This is a one-time connection fee of $35 that will be displayed on your first bill. If applicable, a 9-1-1 fee may be charged to the provincial government: NL: $0.75/M., NS: $0.43/M., PEI: $0.70/M., NB: $0.53/M., AB: $0.44/M.; Bell gives the necessary amount to the government.

Additional taxes. Other conditions apply. If you terminate your commitment deadline prematurely, a cancellation fee is charged; For more information, see your service contract. Subject to unrevised; not combinable with other offers. In addition, these plans go beyond smartphones alone. You can add a variety of connected devices, such as smartwatches and tablets, to share and store data. The Pay Less Upfront program allows someone to update on one of the newest phones by offering a larger discount in advance, but that ends after two years, if you either have to pay back the savings or give up the phone (which is still worth much more than the savings in advance at the end of your term). Basic phone plans are perfect for talking and texting. Choose from plans with and without data that meet your needs. Unlimited written messages from Canada and the United States; Unlimited video and visual messages within Canada.2 Use your plan data in Canada and the United States. With Bell`s Pay Less Upfront program, the company explains: «You can pay less for your smartphone at the time of purchase if you activate a Premium Plus or Premium Smartphone Ultra Plus smartphone with a 2-year lifespan. With the program, you save $100 in advance with the program and in the end, if you don`t want to keep your phone, you can only return it if it`s in good condition.

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