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Abr 4th

India Japan Free Trade Agreement Notification 2017

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The relevant excerpt from the notification is here: Sub.:CBIC amends notification No. 69/2011-Zoll of 29.07.2011 to extend larger tariff concessions to imports of certain products from Japan under the CEPA (IJCEPA) and April 1, 2019. It compares certain chapters of free trade agreements, such as access to the goods market, trade facilitation, trade, public procurement and dispute resolution. This section contains statistical tables on the status and different classifications of the free trade agreement. It lists the total number of free trade agreements per year and their breakdown by status. This section also contains a list of free trade agreements notified to the WTO and a classification of free trade agreements by importance (bilateral or plurilateral). A free trade agreement can either be proposed, negotiated, signed, but is not yet in force, or it is signed. lists free trade agreements between one of the 48 member/Pacific economies with another country or economic bloc within or outside the region. . Updates are obtained from the parties` official websites.

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